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Scope of the project

Title of the Project

A platform for large-scale analysis of web mentions, in a multilingual context, for identifying business opportunities




Βusiness analytics, cognitive technology, big data, text mining, social media mining, sentiment analysis, aspect mining, infographics, multilingual content, automated text translations

Object of the Project PaloAnalytics

In the age of the Internet, Social Media and Big Data, timely monitoring and analysis of online reports is an imperative for any business, organization or public person.

This project will develop the innovative PaloAnalytics platform that will allow businesses and organizations active in many countries to monitor and analyze in depth all of their interest in these markets and to successfully plan their marketing and communication strategy, data and insights from local countries in one language, English.

A unique tool for brands

The PaloAnalytics platform will address the need for multinational companies that want to manage their reputation and compare it with their competitors and to investigate the impact their products have on consumers in different countries through the analysis of petitions from sites, blogs, social networks and open data. It will allow them to identify both positive and negative comments and references about their brand and their products and on the other hand the individual product characteristics and feelings created for them.

Technological Innovation

The collaborating research organizations will design and exploit state-of-the-art technologies in the field of data mining, deep mechanical learning, and social networking, and will give PaloAnalytics the comparative advantage over its international competitors.

To this end, collaborating organizations will explore, design and develop a range of algorithms and tools:

1) for collecting and managing large amounts of data (text, multimedia, and links) from online news sources, social networks and open content data,

2) to extract knowledge from references such as emotions, trends, influences, effects, results, interactions of data in a multilingual environment,

3) for the interconnection of exported knowledge and its presentation in alternative usages and smart charts.

Global Presence

The new PaloAnaytics platform is designed to provide full tracking and analysis of reports, both in Social Media and in traditional news sites and blogs, while also creating a homogeneous picture of all countries and markets of interest in a single, English-speaking environment.

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