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Growth Prospects

PaloAnalytics technology combines a range of innovative technologies (Image recognition, sentiment analysis, automatic translations) that create a very competitive overall proposal in relation to existing solutions in Southeast European markets.

  1. The ability to provide multilingual services. PaloAnalytics will be able to provide web solutions and social media listening between multiple countries and spoken languages, as opposed to the majority of competitors who focus on the most commonly spoken languages worldwide (eg English, German etc). PaloAnalytics introduces the innovation of multilingual management that will allow customers to consistently monitor corporate reputation as well as common strategy and campaigns in multiple countries with different languages.
  2. Local support. PaloAnalytics will be able to support both technically and strategically, with a natural, human presence and executives with knowledge of local markets, their needs and peculiarities.
  3. By-design compliance with GDPR to ensure the level of protection of personal data required by the new legislation.
  4. The markets markets to which PaloAnalytics is targeting have great growth prospects, although regional markets are currently lagging behind the major European or US markets, in connection with the adoption of new technologies, the use of digital tools, the use of web techniques and social media monitoring.
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