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Organizational Structure

The Palo Ltd. and the universities generally or in combination meet the following basic (necessary and appropriate) conditions for service delivery and exploitation of results:

  1. the academic excellence of the university project team, stemming from their academic engagement in these subjects,
  2. research achievements by Universities in the field of project research interests at conferences and prestigious journals on architectural applications implementation with innovative approaches,
  3. Palo’s deep and long experience in the successful implementation and parametric operation of information platforms directly related to this proposal,
  4. excellent financial position of Palo Ltd., capable of supporting the smooth financing of the proposal,
  5. the determination of the Palo Ltd. administration to implement the company’s strategic plans, the main part of which, at this stage, is the proposed system,
  6. the implementation of important external business development projects in areas that are still virgin or developing in terms of the proposed implementation (currently Cyprus, Serbia, Romania and Turkey), following the already successful presence of Palo Ltd. in these countries,
  7. ability to manage and manage research projects from both the European Union (eg ICT-FP7, Horizon2020) and the Greek State (eg IS) both from Palo Ltd. and universities,
  8. the existence of an organized R & D department of Palo Ltd., which contributes to the creation of innovative products and services,
  9. the operation of an organized sales network in Palo Ltd., in the form of either specialized sales agents operating under the sales department (domestic) or affiliated companies, subsidiaries and dealers (foreign), which has the capability, in addition to direct results, to create long-term links with existing but also the potential customer base, creating as long as possible a “stable” sales flow over time.
PaloAnalytics Organizational Structure
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